Shanzhai Lyric
  • Take the unpredictable trouble / However, / tunes all stand out as individual and / the recording sounds great / Unless to me we all that you want me to do / All this makes this re-release very welcome / In 1965, / Impala set an all-time industry annual sales record of more than 1 million units. / Impala. / Thus, this was perfected in the Impala..
  • CAR
Take the unpredictable trouble CCA Goldsmiths photo clearview cropped

An audience-led group poetry reading drawing from Shanzhai Lyric’s archive of poetry-garments. Audience members were invited to select and wear a t-shirt from clothing racks in the space, and read poems off of their neighbor's t-shirt. Poems were processed and projected using speech recognition software onto a screen, composing one long lyric called "Endless Garment." This work seeks to carve out a space for collective appreciation of the poetic absurdities and absurd poetries written through the collision of unexpected words and worlds.

Curated by Annika Thiems as part of Loud Bodies at CCA Goldsmiths.

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